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About Norman Reiss

Business owner, manager, and social services advocate Norman Reiss brings a high level of organizational and financial management skills to the ventures he pursues. Serving for 25 years as the owner of a successful eyeglass store, he has also worked as an educator and lecturer at professional and educational institutions. After receiving his Doctorate from Pacific University in Oregon, Mr. Reiss developed and presented over 100 training sessions on various vision-related issues. As an educator, Norman Reiss delivered lectures on low vision therapy to doctoral candidates at his alma mater, and he also presented workshops for professional therapists and diabetic patients at Valley Community Hospital in Dallas, Oregon.

Believing in the importance of physical therapy and social programs for individuals with disabilities, Norman Reiss established the Washington State School for the Blind Low Vision Clinic, which helps patients learn to fully utilize their remaining vision, He also served as Vision Services Director for Fairview Training Center, an Oregon state-run facility for people with developmental disabilities. As an Assistant Director for the National Fibromyalgia Research Association, Norman Reiss was responsible for presenting updated medical information, treatment protocols, and research about the syndrome at medical conferences throughout North America. Mr. Reiss continues to be a dedicated advocate for fibromyalgia awareness. 

In addition to contributing as an educator and social programs coordinator, Norman Reiss has had success with several business ventures. Most recently, he utilized his business insight as General Manager of the Woodburn, Oregon, branch of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. Within an 11-month period, Norman Reiss revived the failing candy retail store, eliminating debt and restoring supplier accounts so the business could become viable and profitable again.

In his free time, Norman Reiss is a frequent volunteer at his local public library, and he is also involved in the Adaptive Riding Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides equestrian therapy to children and adults with disabilities.

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